Book sales…

Books for sale…

In case you haven’t been on my Facebook page lately, you may have missed the news that printed copies of Teapot Tales will be arriving in my hot little hands any day now. (If you’re in Australia, you can get copies from me in my new online shop.)

This has got me thinking – how will I increase sales of this book and others that will be published? (I’m contributing to a Christmas anthology that will be out in time for Christmas!)

Obviously, this book will be promoted through the various contributors of the Chapter Book Challenge, but what about me. How can I promote the book and sell the copies that I’ve ordered?

Some ideas I’ve come up with include (and this is mostly for the printed book):

  • Setting up an online shop on my own site
  • Letting family and friends know that it’s available and they can get copies from me
  • Advising the library that copies are ready if they still want one
  • Keeping my eye out for markets, especially in the lead up to Christmas and when the Christmas anthology is out – some of these can be free for a stand!
  • Having a competition to give away a copy – while this won’t immediately bring sales, I will use it to grow my email list (if you want to join it, click here)

I’m not sure about approaching book shops, I need to do more research for this, especially with regards to wholesale pricing. It might be easier for book shops to go directly to CreateSpace.

I figure this is a good list to start with. If you have any other ideas for me, please add a comment. All ideas very welcome.

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  1. Good luck with it! Perhaps you could advertise on parenting forums or newsletters??

    • Thanks Emily. I’ve been wondering about that – and whether or not they are the sort of people who will buy Teapot Tales… I suppose there is no harm in asking 🙂

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