Children’s Book Week

Mr Z as a scarecrow in Prep

This week is book week and we’ve been getting costumes ready for the book week parade on Thursday. This is a fun time when parents do a mad scramble to help kids look like their favourite book characters.

The last few years, Mr N has gone as Specky Magee. When he first wanted to go as Specky, his Geelong football jumper wasn’t  good enough as it was the wrong colours. My mum went to the op shop in Torquay to find a jumper in colours that were as close to the ones in the books as possible. When book week came around, it was really easy as he chose to wear the same costume. This year, however, he decided to do something different.

Mr Z has been a bit more of a challenge. When he was in Prep, he decided to go as the scarecrow in Peggy by Heather Monro. We dug out an old hat and he’s wearing one of my dad’s shirts along with a nose made from a cone of yellow paper. This was a fun costume as the book had just come out and he was able to tell his teacher and the librarian at school about this book.

This year, Mr N has chosen another new book to show off – he is going as the main character of the Riddle Quest series by David McLean. We got leggings from the girls department in K Mart & cut them up and went op shopping for a tunic. He’s wearing an old baby wrap as a cape and has a staff made from a broom handle.

Mr Z has chosen to go as Tom from the Beast Quest series. He also has K Mart leggings and an op shop tunic, along with a sword and shield that he’s made from card board.

I don’t have photos from this years book week yet as they will be dressing on Thursday. We’ve found this is a great way to promote new books as the kids are encouraged to bring a copy of the books with them to show everyone who they are dressed as.

Mr Z did want to go as Connor from Actually I Can by Nicky Johnston, until I told him that he couldn’t take Jazz, our pet blue tongue lizard, to school as part of his costume!

I’m looking forward to seeing what all their friends go dressed as.

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