Secret Subject – Disney

Secret Subject

This month I’m trying something new. I’m joining with a group of other writers for a Secret Subject. To see the others involved, click here.

My topic was given to me by Emily Morgan and it is: Disney! So here goes… I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah had promised herself that she would never do this, never in a million years, yet she had gone back on all the promises she had made to herself and her husband.She had even been vocal, telling anyone who would listen to her on this topic, but today had been one of those days, in fact, it had been one of those weeks.

The rain had been steadily falling over the last few days had meant they had been stuck inside, slowly climbing the walls. Toys had been discarded and the bickering was getting to her. It was all too much.

For now, she was enjoying a brief moment of peace, sipping a hot cup of tea and flicking through a years old magazine that she had discovered sitting at the bottom of the toy box. It had been so long since she’d had this luxury, at least, it felt that way. She pushed away the mother guilt as she read the latest celebrity gossip that was out of date. It was funny reading about a new relationship that had broken up recently.

She listened to the music playing in the other room and got up reluctantly from the table to stand in the doorway of the lounge room. Before saying anything she took in the scene of her small children engrossed in the latest Disney movie she had sneakily bought at the supermarket last night when she desperate for a bit of peace and quiet. She had promised she would never, ever use the TV, let alone a movie, as a babysitter so she could get a break.

Sarah opened her mouth to say something, then thought better of it. She went back to the kitchen and put the kettle on again.

“Let them have a bit more time,” she said to herself as she refreshed her cuppa and went back to reading her magazine.


I hope you enjoyed it, the other writers in the swap are:

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  1. Hey – great post, what a brilliant topic πŸ˜‰ Guilt over watching a Disney movie? Then I have no hope, I sing my daughter Disney songs almost every night – they’re the new nursery rhymes didn’t you know?! Hmm, time for that cuppa and a magazine…

    • Thanks Emily. I’ve edited it slightly as I left out a sentence – that’s what happens when you are trying to write and wrangle kids at the same time! Glad you liked it.

  2. Oh I can relate to moments like these. Often the kids will start playing beautifully when I need them to do something and I stand back and wait a few minutes just to enjoy the peace!

  3. Great post! Disney movies are still a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I grew up watching tons of them and still go back to my favorites now and then, especially when I get tired of the “grown-up” world and just want to feel like a kid again for a little while. I’m sure my mom relied on the same technique to calm us down sometimes. Worked like a charm! πŸ˜›

  4. I love this! What a great piece you did a great job with it. I love Disney as well.

  5. Ha no such guilt here, except that I sit and watch with the kids so nothing gets done!

  6. Don’t all moms who have a TV in the house give in eventually? lol! Great post!

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