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Post questions

Now that you have a Facebook page and you are starting to get people liking your page, what should you post there?

One of the easiest things to post are questions, especially related to your writing. These give your followers a hint of what you are writing and will give them some investment into the final book, enticing them to buy a copy, even pre-ordering it.

You can also ask questions about information, such as where do I find a car to fit in a story based in 1923? Your followers may have some sites or resources that can help you. You also never know, there may be an expert in the field you can interview to help with your research.

It may take time to get answers to your questions, so don’t get discouraged if people don’t answer right away. You may need to ask a few times to get the information you are looking for.

Vary your questions. As well as asking questions related directly to your current work in progress, you may want to ask questions relating to future ideas or even general questions that may spark some discussion with your followers. Just remember who your market is and ask questions that would be relevant to them. You never know, the answers to these questions may provide an idea for your next best seller.

If you are asking questions, just be sure not to ask too many at once.

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