Facebook – Who is your audience?

Who is your audience?

With Facebook, your audience may not necessarily be readers of your books, especially if you write books for children. The people who like your Facebook page may, however, be people who will buy your books.

It’s important to know who your audience is as this will help you to know who to invite to like your page as well as give you a better idea what to post in your status updates.

For example, most of the people on my Melissa Writes page are fellow writers as well as people who are interested in following my writing journey. On this page I post feeds from almost all of my blogs as well as updates to do with writing. On the other hand, on my Fantastic Fillers page, most of the people there are small business owners and I limit my updates to feeds from my Fantastic Fillers blog and post things relevant to that blogged book.

Knowing this about my pages also helps with promoting them through pages that ask for suggestions of pages to like as well as choosing people to invite to like my pages. As much I would like to think that everyone on my friends list wants to keep up to date with all my pages, I know this is not true.

Once you know your audience, you can start growing your list of followers and tailor posts and content that are of interest to your followers.

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