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Following on from a number of discussions around the traps about Facebook for authors, especially pre-published authors, I thought I’d start a series of posts – on a Friday, and call them Facebook Friday, or something equally obvious. So, here we go…

One question I’ve seen quite a bit is whether to have a Facebook page, or just use your profile. I have both – a personal profile (obviously) and a Facebook page, or two.

My Facebook profile is personal, this is where I’m friends with an eclectic group of people including my family and some other contacts. I rarely post an update there, but if I do it’s usually to do with kids and family. I also use it to waste time playing games and to manage the many pages I’m an admin of.

The people who are on my profile are generally people I know, either in real life or through various Facebook groups I’m part of. They may be family members, people I went to school with, former business contacts, fellow writers, and parents of kids my kids are friends with. For the most part, these are also people I want to hear from as their updates are the ones that show in my Newsfeed when I first log in.

My Facebook pages are more specific. Some of the people on there are also people I know, but many are people who are interested in what I have to say on various topics. For example, my Melissa Write’s Facebook page has a feed from this blog and I share cool links and tips to do with writing. Not all my friends are interested in this as they aren’t writers, they are much more interested in personal updates.

One advantage of a Facebook page is you don’t have to directly connect with people in the same way as a personal profile. I know there are some people who like my page that I don’t necessarily want to know every detail about their lives. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. If they are a fellow writer, chances are, I like their page too because I want to hear about their books, not what they had for breakfast or what their kids are up to.

Another advantage is that you can keep your writing life and personal life separate. If you have friends overseas who want to keep up to date with the latest milestone your baby has reached, you can post this on your personal profile and lock it down with privacy settings so not all your readers can see the latest photo. Then you can share on your page how your latest manuscript is coming along.

I find it useful keeping these two aspects of my life apart. I figure that those who like my page are wanting to keep up with my writing journey and read writing tips, and don’t necessarily want to know about everything else. I know not everyone on my friends list wants to hear about my writing journey.

That said, when my books are published, I will be posting about it on both  my Facebook page AND on my personal profile!

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  1. Hey, great idea for a blog post, especially for people who are new to social media. It’s amazing how much time and energy social media can take away from your writing time. I really like Facebook’s pages options and use it in the same way myself.

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