A trip to the dentist

In the dentist chair

I’ve had a tooth ache for the last week and a half and this morning I went to the dentist. I don’t particularly enjoy the dentist, but this was one appointment I was looking forward to.

It’s funny how much a tooth ache can impact everything – the last 10 days I’ve been tired and worn out. It’s been hard to concentrate or do anything much, which isn’t very good when you’re trying to do some serious editing (I’ve set a challenge to get my chapter book edited by the end of this month).

I was hoping this was just an infection – as it turns out, it was an infection and the tooth had to come out. Ouch!

While I was sitting in the chair, pumped full of anesthetic, an idea for a picture story book came into my head. It’s been a little while since I’ve had ideas for a picture book, so it’s nice that one has come now. It’s funny where ideas come from. It has the makings of a fun story and I’m remembering most of the story.

My challenge now is to get it down on paper before it goes away, or at least the bones of it. Then I can sleep for a while – my mouth still hurts, the anesthetic is wearing off.

I have to go back again in a few weeks so they can finish the job. You never know, another idea may come to me.

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  1. Ouch! Ideas for Picture books come at unusual times!

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