Wishes for boys

Wishes for Boys

Thank you to everyone who has posted on my Wishes for Girls post a few days ago. Since writing that post, ideas have been swirling. I’ve also seen a number of posts on Facebook about boys.

It’s interesting that girls are encouraged to break out of stereotypes and try things that are traditionally considered “boys” activities, however boys aren’t really encouraged to try things that are traditionally considered “girls” activities.

Following on from my wishes for girls posts, I was wondering what sort of wishes you would give to boys. So, my question is this:

If you had a boy entering the teenage years, what would you wish for him?

Please help me with this by adding your comments for what you would wish for a boy.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses.

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  1. I would want him to be confident enough in himself to not feel the need to follow the crowd.

    • I would want him to feel comfortable expressing his emotions—particularly those that are not associated with being a male. We send so many different messages to boys now that I believe they are really confused. Be sensitive but be male! Really???? Can’t me be both — I think they can and we need to help them.

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