Wishes for girls

Wishes for girls?

I had an idea for a book for girls and it’s in the VERY early planning stage. So early that I have a basic concept but am still working out the details.

To help me with the planning, I thought I’d open it up to my readers and followers, especially as you’ve all been so helpful in the past.

My question is this:

If you had a girl entering the teenage years, what would you wish for her?

Please help me with this and share your wishes for teenage girls by adding a comment. By sharing your wishes, I may use them as starting points in the story.

I’m looking forward to reading some of your wishes and developing this idea further.

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  1. I raised a boy, not a girl, but a co-worker is struggling with the best way to help/encourage an 11 year old granddaughter who is starting her journey through adolescence. What I would wish for a teen girl is that she have a strong base of self-respect so that she can resist the pressure of sex before its time, of feeling she’s fat when she’s not, of being able to deal with online bullying (another co worker’s friend’s daughter committed suicide at the age of 12 due to online bullying-how sad) if it happens to her. Growing up was such a minefield for my son – I can’t imagine what it is like for the teens of today.

  2. To be confident in who she is. My teenage daughter was confident, because of her wonderful daddy. She wore classy clothes, little makeup, and reached out to troubled girls. She wore her confidence with humility. I was so proud of her and still am.

  3. Confidence and self-respect, Girls are put under so much pressure to conform from this age onward and confidence in themselves is one thing that will help them stay true to themselves.

  4. Oh, and a belief in herself and in her ability tom achieve whatever it is she sets her mind on.

  5. I echo what several have said here… I’d wish for her confidence in herself. Furthermore, I’d want her to respect her body and demand that others respect it as well. I just went in for my daughter’s 13 year old annual physical, and the doctor was really pushing the HPV vaccine. I decided to wait, but my daughter and I had a long discussion about sex and being ready. Of course, most of the time she was mortified, but we still talked.

    So looking forward to hearing more about this idea of yours, especially as the mom of three girls (13, 11 & 8).

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