Supporting authors when you don’t have any money

Support authors with no money

I’ve seen a few discussions lately from people who want to support their favourite authors, however they don’t have the money to buy books. I know that I’m often in the same situation. As much as I love books, I can’t always afford to own them.

Here are a few ideas that can help you support your favourite authors when you don’t have the money to buy books:

  1. Request books at the library – there are many people who browse library shelves looking for a good book to read. If books by your favourite authors aren’t there, request that the library gets them. This gives your author exposure to extra readers who can turn in to fans.
  2. Add books to your wish list – birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, there are so many occasions for gift giving. If your family is anything like mine, they spend ages asking me what I want. Have a list of books that you would like to receive and let your family and friends know about them may mean you will receive these books, and your favourite authors will get some sales.
  3. Give books as gifts – I have money in my budget for gifts for family and friends for birthdays and Christmas as well as other occasions. Where possible, I try and buy books by some of my favourite authors, especially when I know they are the sorts of books they will enjoy. Hopefully this will then turn the gift recipients into fans of your favourite authors too.
  4. Promote them on your blog – if you have a blog, this can be a wonderful way to promote your favourite authors. You can share your wish list with links to the books you want, share news such as book releases, even contact your favourite authors to do a guest post or an interview. This is a wonderful way to share the news about your favourite authors and, hopefully, bring them new readers.
  5. Like their pages – authors are encouraged to build a platform to share news with their readers. Support them by liking their Facebook page, following their Twitter account, connecting with them on LinkedIn, subscribing to their email list, reading their blog. These are all ways that cost nothing, but will mean a lot to an author.
  6. Lend your books – this may seem odd as it may not increase sales right away, however it may turn people into fans. I know that there have been books I’ve borrowed from people, then gone out and bought the next book in the series or another by the same author, or hunted them out in the library.
  7. Enter competitions – there are many competitions out there where you can win books. They could be on review blogs, author pages, publisher websites, and other sources. Entering competitions shows that you want the book and are supporting the author, growing lists and encouraging blogs to feature books and authors. You never know, you may win an awesome book to read or give as a gift, and then you can look for books by the same author.

All of these seem like little things, but they can mean a lot to authors. An added bonus is they don’t cost a lot.

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  1. Noela Ollenburg says:

    thanks Melissa. This is a great blog post and very timely.

  2. Another option is to write reviews. Sites such as Amazon, Christian Book Distributor and Koorong don’t require you to have purchased the book through their site (Amazon do require you to make one purchase, but that can be a free Kindle download).

    And Koorong have this great programme that will help readers as it helps authors. Here’s what you do:

    1. Read four Christian books. Any genre, from anywhere (books you own, books you borrowed from the library, books you borrowed from friends, books you downloaded free from Amazon).

    2. Review on You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one, but that’s just so they can track your reviews. Reviews can be any length to a maximum of 1500 characters (approximately 200-250 words).

    3. For every four books you review, Koorong will email you a $10 voucher that can be used in store or online (which is why you need an account – so they can email you the voucher). You can earn up to one voucher per calendar month, and they are valid for three or four months.

    4. Spend your vouchers on books you haven’t read by your favourite authors. Or just an author you want to try. It’s a genuine sale, so the author will benefit. And you didn’t have to pay for it.

    5. Find another four books to review next month and repeat…

  3. Some great ideas here Melissa, and yes reviewing is great.

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