Different perspectives

What's your perspective?

What’s your perspective?

I’ve had a couple of manuscript assessments lately for the same story, as well as feedback from critique partners. It’s interesting looking at their comments and thinking about the perspective their comments come from.

Different comments have been on different aspects of the story, and this comes for most stories I’ve written. Whenever I receive feedback, I try and keep this in mind.

For example, when my kids give me feedback, it is coming from the point of view of a kid as well as my kid. When I get a manuscript assessment done, I look for someone who is experienced in the area that I write, for example picture books.

Knowing the perspective of the feedback is helpful when evaluating it to see what is useful and what isn’t.

I remember reading a review of a kids show my kids loved. The reviewer was picking apart all the implausible aspects of the show – such as there is no gravity on the moon. This isn’t something that kids care about, all they cared about was the cute characters an simple story. I don’t this reviewer had small children to watch this show with. If he did, he may have seen it differently.

When I do get my books published, I hope that I can keep this in mind when it comes to getting reviews, I know it’s helping when I’m looking at comments from editors and critique partners.

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