Why is it important to remember?

Why is it important to remember?

I’ve had a break from writing for a few days, but my imagination has been running wild! I’ve been revisiting some former manuscripts, including Jimmy James.

One of the comments I have received in the past has been:

Why would he go on his adventures?

To keep up with some of the suggestions my children have come up with, the theme of remembering keeps coming up. He goes on adventures to remember things, or to make sure they are not forgotten.

Here is where I need some help.

Why is it important to remember the past?

When I did a Google search, it keeps coming up with answers such as “so we don’t repeat the past” and similar answers. This is not particularly helpful with the story I am writing. It’s not just events but also objects to be remembered. Please help with my question. Why do you think it’s important to remember the past – events, objects, traditions, and so on?

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  1. I think one reason for remembering the past is to know where we have come from and who we are – about our stories and identities – the things that make us “us”. So as a family talking about and remembering family stories builds a shared identity.

  2. Hmm. It is important to remember people so as to honour them perhaps. It is important to remember the events of the past, no just so we can avoid repeating their mistakes, but also so that we can understand where we came from.

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