A productive day today

A productive day today

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia. It is the day we remember those who fought and died in wars. It is also a public holiday.

I had been hoping to go to a dawn service this year, but it didn’t happen. Instead we watched the Dawn Service from Gallipoli and a place in France (I can never remember how to spell it).

I also spent time editing Sam’s Solution, I started writing Dylan’s Victory, a book to go with Sam’s Solution, and spent some time with the kids. I have also been exploring ideas of writing a kids book about ANZAC Day, although there are quite a few out there.

One book that I enjoyed reading a little while ago was Dangerous Days: A Digger’s Great EscapeThis is a book aimed at kids and is full of action and adventure as well as good measure of history. We dug it out and it’s been added to the pile of books on my kids bedside tables so they can read it.

While it’s been a day of remembrance, it has also been a day of writing and family.

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