Writing a fractured fairy tale

Fractured Fairy Tale project

If you have read this blog recently, you will know that I participated in the Chapter Book Challenge this year.

To add to the fun, Becky has come up with a plan to create an anthology of fractured fairy tales written by participants of the challenge. Given that all participants are writers, this will be an amazing anthology.

I’m still trying to decide which fairy tale to use and went to the library in my lunch break yesterday to borrow some fairy tale books for inspiration – then I saw the picture I’ve used for this blog post. I’m looking at The Frog Prince right now and I’m sure I can do something fun with it. As the challenge is aimed at writing books for primary aged kids, that is the audience I will be writing for.

I’ve seen some sneak peeks that people have posted in the Facebook group and they are fantastic. It’s flash fiction, so it’s shorter than a chapter book, I just need to work out what angle to take.

Guess what I’m doing tonight – reading fairy tales 🙂

If you want to get involved in the Chapter Book Challenge next year, and be part of this anthology, head over to www.chapterbookchallenge.com and sign up.

What is your favourite fairy tale?

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  1. I like the first draft of your fairy tale, Melissa. Don’t forget that you can submit up to two stories. Some of us are writing a twist on a classic and also a completely new fairytale while others are just writing one or the other. I am so looking forward to reading everyone’s stories! 🙂

  2. In my local crit-group we are doing something similar, but with pbs, as an exercise. Kind of exciting, but daunting when it comes to making a choice!

  3. Fairytale retellings are tremendous amounts of fun. I just released an anthology of them (albeit for a VERY different audience) and the research on it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing 😉 GOod luck to you on this project, it sounds like a blast!

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