Biting the Bullet

Biting the bullet and submitting my manuscript

Last year, I won a flash fiction competition for my story My Princess Wears a Superman Cape and I’ve been editing it to turn it in to a picture book manuscript. It’s been through professional critiques as well as through my critique partners and beta readers. This was one of the pieces I was thinking about when I wrote my last post.

After the comments on the post as well as on my Facebook page, I’ve decided to bit the bullet and get it ready for submission.

There are a few publishers I want to submit this to. One isn’t open for submissions right now and I will be keeping an eye on their website. I am currently going through the submission guidelines for the other publishers. It’s a quiet afternoon this afternoon and I’m starting to prepare cover letters and emails. Some of the larger publishing houses have specific days they accept submissions, so I’m also scheduling reminders in my calendar to make sure I don’t let the days go by.

My goal is to have submissions ready to go this week and be out, with my little story leaving home. Fingers crossed that the publishers will like my story.

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