When to stop editing and just submit?

When to start submitting?

One of the problems I have is that I’ll write a first draft and leave it at that. Another problem I have is that I will keep editing a piece to within an inch of its life and then edit some more, either doing it myself or getting feedback from others. There are some pieces I have that have been working on that I’m trying to work out whether they are ready to submit, but I’m not sure…

At what stage do I stop editing and just submit it?

Even with editors and manuscript assessments, there are some pieces that have been to quite a few different people. But are they ready to see a published version of themselves?

This could be part of my personality that I’m second guessing myself. On the other hand, I’m scared that if it’s not ready it will be rejected right away. Maybe I’m just overthinking this and need to just bite the bullet and do something with my manuscripts other than having them simply take up space on my hard drive.

At what point is a manuscript ready for submission? Any of you published authors out there, please share your wisdom with me.

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  1. Get an editor to either assess or actually edit – the feed back is great. Just do it!!!!! You still get plenty of time to work on your manuscript during the publishing process, but if you never sumbit, then you never know!!!!

  2. I just posted about this on Sunday… Knowing When to Quit. It’s SO hard. I think you have to edit it the best you can (I’m on edit #3 with a professional editor), and then let it go. It’s so hard. With my first book, I found 30 mistakes in 176K words, and I did a reprint. It’s my OED (Obsessive Editing Disorder). Good luck!

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