Does this look like part of a gadget?

Part of a gadget?

This afternoon, I had fun reading Sam’s Solution, the story I wrote for this years Chapter Book Challenge, to my boys. They loved it. Mr Z said at a few places “Mummy, that sounds like what really happened to me”. There are still a few parts that need work, and one was filling in the name of an item Sam takes to school. She tells the bully that it’s part of a gadget for an evil genius.

We then had fun going through my parents display cupboard for an item that can fit the bill so I can write it in to the story. The boys decided that a brass oil lamp would be the thing – see the picture on this post. I’m sitting on this a bit to make sure it’s the right thing. It was that or a brass belt buckle with Nepalese script on it.

The more I look at it, the more it looks like part of a larger contraption, possibly fitting on top of a large glass bowl with a hose coming out the top… Being brass it looks a bit more “evil” than something cheap and plastic.

I love having my kids be part of the writing process. They are now bugging me to hurry up and get this book published! My boys are awesome (and they are looking over my shoulder as I type this…!)

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