I’m looking for the name of an author…

Need a name for an author…

Since you’ve all been so wonderful in the past suggesting names for gadgets, characters, places, and generally with ideas, I thought I’d put this out there on my blog – I’m looking for the name of an author, but not just any author.

I’m looking for the name of a fictional Australian author who would have died around 100+ years ago. He or she would have written the sorts of books that kids would be made to study in high school English (book titles are also welcome), and they would be considered Australian Classics, however this author would not be as well known as someone like Banjo Patterson.

This author would have written quite a few books, however only one or two are the well-known ones, mostly because of kids being made to study them. Most kids would find the books “boring” and wouldn’t bother reading any others, unless they are made to study them when they are studying literature or in university.

This author would have been born in a small town, a couple of hours drive from Melbourne, but then moved and lived their life somewhere else, so the birth place wouldn’t be well known, but people know this author well enough to have a plaque in the main street of the town saying it’s the birth place of this author.

The town would be essentially forgotten, however this author being born there will be a catalyst for something exciting (don’t want to say too much).

I don’t mind if the author is male or female, that part doesn’t matter too much. I look forward to reading some of your ideas… I’m stuck!

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  1. I am so awful at coming up with names. The first name of Rose keeps coming to me, especially if it was 100 years ago. For women, Rose, Amelia, Abigail, Elisabeth, and names like those lines. For men, Henry, Frances/Frank, Charles, Andrew, Martin/Marty, Stuart, Percival, and so on. Last names could be anything really – Heart, Scribe, McCormick, Denton, Martin… Wish I was more help.

  2. How about Henry John Pritchard or Eleanor Rebecca Gibbs, or something like that. I think that, in those days, the authors with double names sounded stodgier and weightier. Sounds like an intriguing project 🙂

  3. Gilbert Huntington. He loved his bowler hat and cigars. He drank copious amounts of tea which stained his walrus mustache a greenish yellow and always went for an early morning walk in the park before writing.

    Probably a little more than you needed 🙂

  4. How about Barry McGee or Amelia Mason. Don’t know how creative it is but it might help in finding something better.

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