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After my last post, someone asked about some of the directories I’ve used to promote my blog and build my following. Being the obliging write that I am, here is the answer to the question.

There are a lot of directories out there, each has a different audience and niche. Most of the directories I know about I discovered through Facebook and other networking I’ve done in the past.

With my writing and blogs, I choose different directories depending on what I want to promote and who I want to reach. Currently I’ve only been using free listings, however I am planning to used paid and featured listings when my books are published.

Some of the directories I currently use are:

  • Australian Writers Nexus – one especially for writers. This one is very new (only about a week old) and I like supporting start ups. My listing is here.
  • Australian WAHM Business Directory – I think my listing here has expired, but this listing is for work at home Mums. This is one that I will paying for a listing when my business books are published as they are aimed at work at home Mums.
  • Blogs and PR – I was on this list before it moved here. This is a site to help bloggers connect and brands connect to each other. If you want to connect with brands, then this is a good place to list your blog.
  • Australian Writers Rock – I’ve only recently discovered this site and will be listing my books once they are published. It’s been fun browsing to discover new books.

These are some of the most recent directories I’ve used. There are so many different directories out there that it will take some time to find the ones that will fit your blog and your books. Different directories also have different options and require different information. When you are looking for a directory, think about who you are trying to reach and why you want to be listed. Free listings are a good way to test the waters, however a paid listing may give you better results.

I hope this answers some of the questions about directories. If you want any more information, just ask 🙂

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  1. directories – nexer even thought that far! Just as I think I’ve got a handle in it there is more to do. Actually I think I am on a few, but they tend to expire so must check them out again!

    • I’ve found that many free directory listings never expire! I’ve discovered a few I listed in for a site I ran back before I had kids!!!

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