Requesting books at the library

Request books for your library

Last week, I requested a book from my local library. It’s one published by a small publisher, this book in fact. It’s one that I want my kids to read as I think they will find it useful. A few days later I get a notification that this book had been purchased and is on its way. I couldn’t believe how quickly they processed my request!

While some people will argue that it would have been better to purchase a copy myself, this is one way to support your favourite authors. I would have purchased a copy, but right now funds are tight. By requesting the library to purchase it, not only will I be able to read it, but hopefully others will too.

At my library, they often have displays of books on different topics. You never know, this book may be displayed and introduced to new readers, who will then become fans of the author and search out her next books.

If you are looking for a way to support your favourite authors and don’t have the money to buy their books, request them from your local library and then tell people that it’s there so they can read them too.

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