Prompt #15 – Takeaway

Biggest take away…

It’s Day 15 of the Author Blog Challenge, and the final day. Today’s prompt is:

What was your biggest takeaway from participating in the Winter Author Blog Challenge? What is your plan/strategy for integrating your social media platforms? What would you recommend to a new author who’s just getting started on social media?

I have learned a lot during the last two weeks. I have discovered some new social media platforms and rediscovered some platforms that I have forgotten about. Through the posts of others I have also discovered some new ways to use these platforms from reading the posts of others.

I’m working on my plan right now. There are a couple of platforms that I simply don’t have the time right now to investigate further, and there are some that I want to spend time on in anticipation of books being published.

There are some platforms that I hadn’t considered using to promote my books, and there are some that are better than others for promotion. For example, if I’m promoting a picture book, then Pinterest may work better than Quora, however Quora would be a great platform to expand your reach for a non fiction book.

For a new author who is just getting started I would recommend they go slowly. Start with the platforms you are familiar with and spend time there. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different options out there, so take things slowly.

It’s the last day of the Author Blog Challenge for this round. I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about some of the different social media platforms and how they can be used for authors and book promotion.

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  1. So much to learn – so much to think about 🙂

  2. The challenge has given me a chance to meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I was excited to learn of some of the sites I had never heard of before for authors. Putting forth the time for the challenge is so worth while!

  3. Heck no! Jump on in with both feet and a schedule 🙂 hehe! Lovely post, Melissa! WRITE ON!

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