Prompt #10 – GoodReads

I thought this reading pic was cute!

It’s Day 10 of the Author Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt is:

Are you on GoodReads? It seems a pretty obvious place for authors to hang out, yet I’m not sure authors are using it to quite the maximal benefit. If you are on GoodReads, how often do you visit/use the site? How often do you update your reading list? What other kinds of things do you post? Are you finding yourself using it the way social media was intended: to create a community? If you are NOT on GoodReads, have you made a deliberate choice to skip it? What other mechanisms do you utilize for meeting other readers/writers/authors? How else could you begin to create your very own community?

I am on GoodReads, although I know I’m not using it to it’s maximum benefit. You can find me here. I keep forgetting to add the books I’m reading/have read to my list!

I’ve found that when I add books via the iPad app, they don’t include a finish date, and I haven’t gone online and logged in to update it! While I was writing this post, I updated a few dates…

As I haven’t had any books published yet, I’ve been looking at what other authors are doing to promote themselves through this community. Some of the things I’ve seen include:

  • Having an author blog there – I’ve often wondered if it’s doubling up or if they have two author blogs…
  • Giveaways of their books
  • Encouraging people to read their books and review them on GoodReads

I’m sure there are other things that can be done, and I’m looking forward to reading the other posts by more experienced authors to see what they are doing so I can add it to my promotions list once my books are published.

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  1. I had not heard of it but since my book is launching I am going to head right over there!

  2. I sent y0u a GoodReads friend request. You’ll find, though, that I am not that active, and my blog post of tomorrow (I’m running late with my posts) will explain why.

  3. I’m on and in the process of learning how to use it more effectively. It is not something I have done well, but am determined to get better at – will connect with you!

  4. I accepted your friend request, Melissa! GoodReads is so much more than a reader site. It helps authors show they aren’t just a faceless robot behind a keyboard and gains credibility for said author when they do a giveaway and deliver the promised materials. My blog auto posts from blogger to GoodReads via RSS feed. It’s the same blog, just on a different site (and not nearly as user friendly). Hope to see your updates soon! WRITE ON!

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