Prompt #2 – Facebook fan page

I have a Facebook page

It’s Day 2 of the Author Blog Challenge. Today’s prompt is:

Do you have a Facebook fan page for yourself/your book? How long ago did you start it? Did you do it yourself or have someone help you? Are you seeing lots of new people liking it? What kinds of things do you post? What have you found to be the most effective way to get fans/have people interact? IF YOU DON’T HAVE a Facebook fan page, tell us about the fan page for an author you know or like. Why do you like them and why did you “like” their page? What do you think they are doing well that you would like to model with your own page? Do you have a goal date for creating your own fan page? Be sure to give us the link.

I have a Facebook page for myself as well as for various writing projects. I started it a while ago and I do it myself, although I got my amazing web designer to do the cover and profile images for me so they match my blog.

I post different things depending on the page. This includes:

  • Links to blog posts
  • Questions to help with my writing
  • Pictures & memes based on the theme of the page (eg, writing tips on my Melissa Writes page)

As far as interacting, this is something I’m working on. The biggest thing I’ve found is to work out when people are online, then they are more likely to respond to questions. For one of my blogs, I tended to post first thing in the morning as that is when I was online. I found I got a better response when I posted the links in the evening. Not only would I get more people liking and responding to posts, I would also get more click throughs to my blog posts.

My pages are: (these are the active ones!)

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  1. I’ve never really noticed if the time of my posts makes a difference to the amount of response I get – good pointm and something I’ll look out for 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      I’ve only just started looking at the stats and the traffic – mostly because on my 365 Picture Books blog I want to attract readers & authors to get more books to read.

  2. This is interesting, Melissa – and nice fan page, too 🙂

  3. I decided to consolidate my fanpages. I am going to make one fan page for everything. It was getting too time consuming having separate pages.

  4. Timing is important. I tend to get more responses to evening FB posts or first thing in the morning posts (say, 6:30am). Neither time is great for me, though, so it makes it difficult. Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing my tail on social media. 🙁

  5. Jo Michaels says:

    I love that your stuff is branded across all your platforms. Way to go, Melissa! I find when I ask questions targeted at specific groups, I get more answers. It’s like people don’t know if the posts are for them! Haha! WRITE ON!

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