With much headbanging…

I couldn’t find a picture of a writer banging her head on a computer!

…and not the kind to music!

I have been in the process of putting about 150 blog posts in to some sort of order, and it looks like it’s finally starting to come together. There are a few posts that don’t really fit with the book that will be deleted, some that need to be merged, and all that need serious editing and rewriting before they will be a book that people will want to read… but the outline is there.

The process I have gone through so far includes:

  • Choosing the theme of the book
  • Search my blog for the posts then copy them in to Scrivener
  • Rearrange them into sub folders based on topic (I did this after I posted them all in, it saved a lot of time this way)

My next step will be to choose a sub folder and work on that to turn it in to a chapter. I figure by breaking it down this way, I can do one step at a time and it doesn’t seem like such a huge job. I also hope that I can then send each chapter as it is completed to my critique partners for their comments and work on another chapter while I wait.

Unlike a novel, this book won’t necessarily be designed to be read from cover to cover, but one where people can read the chapters they are interested in to get the information they need.

Much of what I have done so far has been on my lunch break at work as I have been exhausted in the evenings, so it’s going a bit slower than I initially hoped.

With much headbanging, this book is finally starting to take shape.

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  1. I think the hammer photo gives a great sense of what you are dealing with – love it! Glad to read that your efforts are starting to pay off.

  2. Noela Ollenburg says:

    What a great post {and pic!} – I think slow can be good some times. It can mean God saying ‘just spend a little bit more time on this’ , ‘this is going to be good’, ‘we are going to get it right, together’. I do know about the tiredness at night…starts about 8.30pm in the body, just when the time is freed up and I am ready to do some things.

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