Planning a chapter book

Planning a book

It’s Author Blog Challenge time again, and during March I’m joining in the Chapter Book Challenge once again. For the blog challenge, I’m going to take a leaf out of Ashley Howland’s blog and share my planning for the chapter book challenge.

During last years Chapter Book Challenge, I wrote a Jimmy James story. It was OK and got me in to writing chapter books, however it wasn’t the most brilliant piece of writing in the World. It had plenty of room for improvement. Since the challenge, I’ve been looking at the story and how to change it to make the story more exciting, but still have elements of the original aims for the series.

It’s been hard work with plenty of time spent dreaming, imagining and trying different things. There has also been fun times visiting the Museum, Scienceworks and ACMI for research. This is something my kids have loved helping me with! I have discovered some fascinating facts as well as got ideas for the story.

I now have a plan for my chapter book, as well as for the series and a supporting website!! I’m looking forward to March to get my first draft written and to see where all the planning and research takes me and Jimmy James. One thing that will remain is the orange and purple socks.

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  1. I love the idea of sharing the planning of your book for ChaBooCha as you do the author blog challenge. I think I am going to take a lesson from your writing and let my kids be more involved in the ideas and planning of my book this time around.

    • Thanks Becky 🙂 I’m finding that my kids have a unique perspective on life and stories, and come up with ideas that I haven’t even thought of!

  2. Where does the chapter book challenge live?

  3. Looking forward to seeing you plan your book too! My kids are always great for helping, except they always want stories to rhyme – grrrrr makes picture book writing even harder. I much prefer chapter books!!!

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