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Earlier today, I saw one of my writer friends post on Facebook asking what genre of book she should write next. My response was to write something you are passionate about. I also left her an example…

When I was studying Media Studies in Year 10, we were looking at horror movies. I can’t watch those movies, they give me nightmares, so this was really hard for me. One exercise was to write an outline for a horror movie… I gave it a try, but it ended up being more romance than horror! The piece was well written, however it wasn’t what the teacher wanted.

Here is my point. I had no interest in horror, so found it very hard to write. Sometimes I wonder what an extra 20 years experience would do and whether or not I could write it now… probably not.

Another thing about writing something you are passionate about is that you are likely to actually finish it. This can be harder than you might think. I know with the horror piece I had to write, I gave up less than half way through. I decided it simply wasn’t my thing and I wouldn’t do well anyway. Sometimes I wish I had finished it, and kept it, as I vaguely recall that it started off as a good story.

It’s not only the genre that you need to be passionate about, but also the subject matter. I have a lot of friends who write historical romance because they are passionate about history, and still others who simply write about topics close to their hearts in many different genre. With this, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Some people are born to write horror, and others, like me, aren’t.

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  1. Ashley N. Bohmer says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom, Melissa.– My writing is no longer a slave to my knowledge, but rather its been ignited by what impassions me.

  2. So very true, Melissa!

    One could say much more on the subject, but I think you grabbed the essence of the story:

    What’s to be will be, so better let it grow naturally (or even help it).

    Happy New Year!

  3. Well said, Melissa. This is relevant to blogging too. I know that I have started blogs with good intention only to find that I’m not as passionate about the subject as I thought I was and the blog just fizzled.

  4. Very good point that your making Melissa. I’m passionate about education and family so thats what I write about right now. If I was to write a novel it would have to a romance!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team

  5. Some great advice. I really enjoyed writing at school but had a similar experience to yourself which made me think I was a terrible writer. So I stopped writing. Now a few years later I am starting again on my blog…I wish I had someone given me this advice sooner x

  6. What a lovely piece of writing! Reminded me when I was in year 11, my RE teacher told us to write about a religion. I wrote about Wiccan.. and he thought it was one of the best pieces he had come across when he had done the topic in other years.. because it was something out of the norm but in some places very normal!!

    visiting from #TUST

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