Reading out loud

Read out loud

This evening, I sat down to work on my first manuscript to get it ready for editing and submission. I printed it out to review as I find it a lot easier to edit with a pencil. It also helps me to have a change of scene, getting away from the computer screen, to give me a fresh perspective on the words in front of me.

After I had printed it out, I read it out loud. It’s been about six months since I’ve looked at this manuscript, so I was coming to it with fresh eyes. I found a couple of sentences that read “funny” and were easily changed, and another section that needs to be swapped around a bit. When I read it on the screen as it was printing, I didn’t pick these up, nor did I pick them up when I read it to myself.

There is also one part that could be told in pictures rather than words, I need to work out what to do in this part. For now, it’s underlined in pencil. I might mark it somehow and talk to my mentor about that bit. I think it will be a lot better if it’s in pictures…

For all you writers out there, when you get to the stage where you think your manuscript/page/chapter is edited as much as you can, then read it out loud. I read it after I’d put the kids to bed so I didn’t have an audience. I’ll make the changes, then read it again. This time, I may read it to the boys, however as it’s about princesses, they may not be interested!

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  1. Great advice, especially since picture books are often read out loud by the reader. Why does it feel so silly to read your own manuscript out loud though? I think I may start hiding in the bathroom to do it…

    • I really don’t know why it feels silly to read my manuscript out loud… maybe it’s because my kids are older and I’m out of practice reading picture books to kids? I wish I had an answer to this.


  1. […] today, I had simply been reading my draft on my laptop with the occasional print outs. I have been reading out loud as well as reading to myself and that has been a great way to get started with […]

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