Choose Your Own Adventure – Go Back For Help (Mystic Seer)

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Go Back For Help (Mystic Seer)

Erik chooses to seek help to deal with the dragon:

Erik tugged on Benton’s reins to turn him away from the dragon’s cave. Actually, Benton didn’t need any urging. Dragons are traditionally not a pony’s best friends. Benton had no desire to mess with tradition.

They found a path that led further up the mountain. A sign that looked as though it had been made in a hurry, without due care and attention to neatness or wording, pointed even further up. “To the Skier… Seer.”

“It looks as though we’re on the right track at last, Benton!” Erik exclaimed. “The Seer will tell us what  to do, and how to do it. I’m sure of it!”

Benton snorted. It may have been a comment, it may just have been that snorting is something ponies do.

The path ended in a small clearing, as paths often do, except when they don’t. Leaning against a tree, looking off into the distance, was a large, tired-looking man. Another sloppy sign was propped against his left knee. “Mystic Seer of SoggyBottom Swamp… of the Entire World and All its Mysteries, now located on Mystery Mountain for Better Access.”

Erik dismounted, and walked closer to the Seer. He said, “Can you really tell about all the world’s mysteries?”

“Zzzz… Huh? What? Who’s there? Come closer so I can see you,” the Seer said.

Erik walked closer, until he was just about touching the Seer. “Is this close enough?” Erik was towering over the man on the ground.

“I see a knee. Two of them. You’re in perfect health. Goodbye.” The Seer closed his eyes.

“That’s not what I’m here about,” Erik explained, backing off a little. “I need to know where my birthday present is, why Lady Josie went to the dragon’s cave, and how to rescue her from the dragon. Then I need to know how to get back to the castle without going through everything we’ve just been through.”

“ You’ve just been through some mud and muck, as far as I can see,” said the Seer.

“Yes I know, but what about my questions?” Erik said, his hands on his hips.

“Too many questions all at once. Don’t muddle me.” The Seer tapped his chin with his forefinger. “Let me see… Your birthday present? Well that’s easy. It’s where it is. That’s where things usually are. In fact, if you go looking for it, I can confidently predict that it will be in the very last place you look.”

Erik rolled his eyes. “That’s because when I find it, I’ll stop looking.”

“So it is! See? You’re quite clever all on your own. I don’t know why you had to wake me up to learn something you already knew.” The Seer closed his eyes again.

“But you haven’t told me how to rescue Lady Josie!” Erik said. Benton whinnied, to emphasize that this was serious.

“Well, I see that you have a problem there. Yes indeed. Rescue. We’ll have to see what we can do about that…” The Seer closed his eyes again.

“You’re not helping!” Erik exclaimed.

“When did I ever say I would help? All my sign says is that I know mysteries. And I do. Have you ever read The Clue in the Old Shoebox? Or Mystery at Last Chance Gulch? They’re very good. Read them. You’ll see…”

Grumbling under his breath, Erik got back up on Benton’s back. “We’re going to have to rescue Lady Josie all on our own. No matter what it takes. Come on, Benton!”

To go back to the dragon’s cave, click HERE

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  1. Interesting. The Seer is kind of useless. Thank you for doing this! 🙂

  2. Aww, I really like your sleepy-headed Seer! Happy holidays, Melissa!

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