Writing clues

Writing clues for my book

I’ve been playing with a number of ideas for my kids chapter book lately. It’s been both a fun and frustrating process as I know what I want to “teach” in the story and trying to skew this idea into different ideas isn’t always working.

On the plus side, I have the plans for a number of different books to work on in the future. There are some wonderful ideas that I’ve been playing with that I will come back to next year.

I have got an idea to send my character on a treasure hunt, meaning I have to write clues. I have discovered that poetry isn’t my strong point, however an event I took Mr Z to earlier in the year is helping me with this. Mr Z and I went to see David Astle and learned about writing cryptic clues. The tips we learned there have been helping me with writing these clues, though I need to pinch back his book from Mr Z’s bedside table to help write some more clues.

As well as the clues, my challenge is working out each step on the way and how each treasure links to the next clue. It’s been a lot of fun and my kids have enjoyed helping me with this, although now they are talking about wanting me to list them as co-authors!

Writing these clues has been a great challenge to extend myself as I’ve also been delving into poetry and rhyming, an area that I don’t usually explore. I’ve also realised this is not my strong point, however it has been fun.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea for a story. I’m not that great at poetry and rhyme myself, but I do love having a go. My latest story has some rhyme in it – I just put xxxxx when I can’t think of the word and then go back later when, hopefully, inspiration will strike!

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