When stories don’t quite go to plan…

Which way should it go?

I’ve been working on my chapter book lately, trying to work out how to develop the story. I’ve been working with a wonderful editor who is asking me a lot of questions to develop the story, making it longer and richer.

There have been some wonderful ideas I’ve been playing around with, the only problem being that many end up going away from my original idea! So I’ve been trying to work out which way to go with the story – do I revisit the original idea, or run with the new one without trying to make it fit the original idea?

What I’ve started doing is working on both stories! I’ve changed the name of my main character so I can visit the stories fresh, figuring I can always change it back later. Both main characters are different to each other as they have different stories and need different strengths to meet the challenges in the story.

My boys are having a lot of fun with ideas for both stories, coming up with some great ideas to move the action forward. It’s interesting watching these stories unfold.

The beauty of working on two stories – if I get stuck with one, I can revisit the other one!

I only wish I had more time to sit and write…

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  1. I am going to be in this boat soon, as I’m embarking on a chapter book series myself. I also love being able to move between different projects. Keeps things fresh and interesting – especially when you’re on the 20th revision of a picture book!!!

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