The Greenfield Legacy – book launch

The Greenfield Legacy

Following lunch, we all headed off to attend the Victorian launch of The Greenfield Legacy by Meredith Resce, Paula Vince, Amanda Deed and Rose Dee.

This book is a collaboration between these four amazing Aussie Christian authors. Between them they have written 27 books.

Going to the book launch was a lot of fun, not least because I had met Paula and Amanda online and was going to be seeing them face to face, along with other members of the Christian Writers Downunder Facebook group.

After lunch we headed down to the book launch and enjoyed browsing books while we were waiting for proceedings to begin.

The manager introduced the event, then Amanda and Paula got up to speak. Paula told us the story of how the book was written then Amanda spoke, introducing her husband who had been adopted – one of the themes that runs through the book. Then came the fun part – purchasing and signing books! There was a special offer for buying books as well as details of a competition to guess who wrote which parts of the book.

I must admit to coming home with 5 books, including The Greenfield Legacy, all signed. I’m planning to wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree for gifts to myself – unless I read them all first! So far, I’ve read the first few pages of The Greenfield Legacy and am looking forward to reading it all.

For your enjoyment, below are some more photos of the book launch.


Milling about before the launch



Amanda Deed



Paula Vince



Paula & Amanda


Amanda interviews her husband

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  1. YAY! How fun getting to the Melbourne launch.
    I’ve already read it. Fascinating accomplishment by these amazing women.

  2. Melanie Carter Winkler says:

    I so wish i could be there. I need so order the book at some point

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