A fun lunch today

Today, we had a wonderful time. It all started with a get together of the Christian Writers Downunder group.

Christian Writers Downunder

It was wonderful to meet up with these writers and share tips and ideas. At one point it felt like we were having a “Writers Anonymous” meeting with confessions of writing in the middle of the night and more.

The get together was organised in conjunction with the book launch of The Greenfield Legacy and Paula Vince coming over to Melbourne for the occasion (Paula is in the front on the far right). The book launch post will follow later when I get the photos off my phone.

My boys came with me and were beautifully behaved. They also took the group photos after lunch.

When we parted company after two hours of talking and food, we all agreed we should do this more often. I’m fired up now to keep writing so that I can invite them all to my own book launch…

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  1. Hi Melissa, Love reading your blog and you might be interested in the blog of a friend of mine http://maryhawkins.blogspot.com.au/ 🙂

  2. I love meeting with other writers. Fighting those green eyes at the moment. So glad it went well!

  3. It was a shame I couldn’t get there. I will try very hard to get to the next one. I would love to meet you all in person. It must have been great fun and I’m glad the book launch was a success.

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