{31 picture books} Just Like My Dad

Just Like My Dad

I bought Just Like My Dad by David Melling more for me about my dad than for my kids and their dad… this is mostly because of the pictures. I love this book and it was a pleasure to rediscover this in my bookshelves.

This is the story of a little lion who wants to be just like his dad. The little lion explains different things and the pictures explain something different. It’s delightful.

I love how the lion cub views his dad and sees him as a hero, even if the reality is something different. It’s just like the way all kids see their parents and idolise them. My kids also rediscovered this book as I was reading it and they were in stitches of laughter at the pictures.

If you have small children, this is a gorgeous book, and a great one as a Father’s Day gift or a gift for a new dad.

31 picture books in 31 days

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