{31 picture books} Nancy Bentley – The First Australian Female Sailor

Nancy Bentley – The First Australian Female Soldier

This is a story that I particularly enjoyed, it’s a part of Australian history I had never heard about before. This is another book from New Frontier Publishing called Nancy Bentley – The First Australian Female Sailor by Tracey Hawkins and illustrated by Jacqui Grantford.

Nancy Bentley was drafted in to the Australian Navy in 1920 at age 6 when she was bitten by a snake and needed medical treatment. At that time, female’s weren’t allowed to be on naval ships.

My love of history has been fed with this story. It’s wonderful that Australian history is being presented to children in this way. The story is delightful and the illustrations are beautiful. The last page includes a photograph and the true story of Nancy Bentley and a copy of the “Certificate of Service”.

While I loved this book, my boys weren’t quite as keen, mostly because it was a story about a girl! Give them time…

I am enjoying these books that are introducing Australian history to children in a fun and entertaining way. I must look out for more of them. Any recommendations?

31 picture books in 31 days

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