It’s up!!! Just a bit excited…

Just a bit excited…

It’s up! The first pots of the new look Accidental WAHM is now online.

After months trying to work out what to do with it, I decided to let my characters take over and blog about business – their journey, lessons they have learned, and anything else they come up with.

I’ve had characters arguing in my head about who will be doing what on the blog. There have been the reluctant participants, and even a teenager coming in to blog on behalf of her Mum (with her Mum correcting her spelling!).

This is a pretty exciting project and it will be interesting to see how it’s received as well as how it goes. The blog will be written as a work of fiction while I’m writing their stories in the back ground. With the posts, I’m also hoping that readers will become interested in helping these characters along the way, giving suggestions, support and encouragement through comments and interacting on the Facebook page.

I have a number of posts that have been hand written that need to be typed up and added to the blog for during this week. It’s starting with introductions, and then posts will go from there. I’m hoping that other work at home Mums will be able to relate to the journeys of the characters and will enjoy them.

Please enjoy the first post on the new Accidental WAHM site –

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  1. Sounds very cool. Have check it out and look forward to future posts on WAHM.

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