I can’t leave home without…

…a good book

I often see posts on Facebook that is a statement for people to finish. I don’t usually reply on the post, however I thought it might be fun to use some of these as prompts for blog posts.

This evening I saw the following prompt on Parenting with Potential:

“I can’t leave the house without ……”

I thought about it for a while, then realised that I never leave home without a book or two!

These could be books that I’m reading or ones for the kids to read if we’re waiting somewhere – doctor’s waiting room, cafe, school pick up, whatever.

I also have a notebook with me most of the time, ready to write down ideas as inspiration strikes me. This can also come in handy when the kids are bored as they can draw or play noughts and crosses or similar games.

I’ve found that eBooks aren’t quite the same as a traditional book (not sure what the correct term is here). It’s harder to give each child a book to read if I only have books on my phone. It’s also harder for them to share the book if it’s on my phone, mostly because the phone screen is too small for them to both look at easily.

So, my answer to this is:

I can’t leave home without a book.

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