Day 13 – Triathlon

Triathlon – three events

It’s Day 13 of the Blogging Olympics, and today’s event is the Triathlon. A triathlon is made up of three events – swimming, cycling and running. For this challenge, it is to write a post with text, audio and video.

Now, I don’t do audio or video blog posts – mostly because I don’t have a computer that has a sound card that copes with it, so I won’t be including any of my own audio, however I will find a cool video to include based on the text in this post.

Someone once said to me that there are no new stories in the World, that essentially every story is a variation on stories that have come before.

Many writing courses will give you a formula on how to write – all stories must have a beginning, middle and end, for example. There are exceptions to this rule, however these are few and not all of them work.

As a writer, I try to find the twist that makes my story a bit different to everyone else, that is where reading is important. There are hundreds of picture books about pirates out there, many of them are on my boys bookshelves, and there are still pirate stories being written. Each author is able to find something a little different from the others so they are still interesting for parents and children to read.

It’s not always easy to find what is different or to twist the story in a satisfying way, but it is fun trying.

In this theme, enjoy the following clip by The Piano Guys. It’s a twist on a pop song. I’ve been listening to these guys at work and they are amazing.

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  1. I LOVE this video. These guys are amazing. I’ve never heard or seen anything like it before. So cool and perfect for your topic. I love that you try to find a twist in your own stories to make them different.

    • Thanks Emily. I love the video too. If you get a chance, check out their Star Wars video! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

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