Day 11 – Synchronised Swimming Team

Synchronised Swimming

It’s Day 11 of the Blogging Olympics, and today’s event is Synchronised Swimming. This is one of those sports that no one seems to understand, but is fascinated by at the same time. It’s amazing watching the teams perform their routines upside-down and under water!

Anyway, back to the prompt. Today’s prompt is to write a post about a team I’ve been part of and say why that team worked so well together.

Over the years, I’ve been part of many teams, some have worked well and others not so well. In general, the teams that work best are those where everyone knows what is expected of them and work toward a common goal.

In writing, it may seem that no team is involved. It is quite a solitary pursuit, however it is a team effort. A team is used in the following ways:

  • Family and friends of the writer who help to make sure life doesn’t stop, especially when deadlines are looming. They help with housework, cooking meals, childcare, and anything else that needs doing so the writer can finish their work.
  • Editors and critique partners to help with the dreaded polishing of the manuscript ready to submit to competitions and publishers.
  • Publishers who read the manuscripts and go through the slush piles to find work worthy of publishing.
  • The team at the publishing house who help with all aspects of editing, design, marketing and whatever else is needed to get a book on the shelves.
  • Bookshop owners, both online and offline, who help to promote and sell books.

This is just a snapshot of those who are in a writers team. When every part is working well, that is when books are published and sold. You never know, the book may end up on a bestsellers list and winning awards.

Is there anyone I’ve missed? Let me know with a comment.

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