Day 8 – Pole Vault & Mentors

Pole Vault & Mentors

It’s Day 8 of the Blogging Olympics and it’s inspired by the Pole Vault. The challenge today is to talk about mentors.

I don’t really have a writing mentor, as such, right now. I suppose members of the writing groups I’m part of fill that role in my life.

The relationship is informal, and we post questions and comments to each other as well as emailing from time to time. There are no rules to how often we post or respond to each other.

When I was 13 years old, I was baptised and chose a “god friend”. My parents explained it to me that I was too old for a godparent, but too young to go it alone. I chose Uncle Bob. He was a mentor to me growing up, alot like a surrogate grandparent. I would be able to call him whenever I needed someone to talk to, and would often crash at his place with him and his wife when I was having issues with my mother.

He has also encouraged me to write and fed my interest in science and history.

Even now, he’s been helping me with my Jimmy James stories. Uncle Bob was the person who introduced me to Magic Lanterns…

I’m praying that there is an Uncle Bob figure out there for each of my kids. I know how invaluable this relationship was for me and how lucky I was to have him in my life.

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