Switch genre or self publish?

Switch publishers for my stories?

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted… here’s the last of T.L. Bodine’s impossible questions:

If suddenly your favorite genre stopped being published entirely by the major houses, would you rather switch genres, or start publishing small press/self-pub?

This is another challenging question. I haven’t had any books published as yet – either with a major publishing house or self-publishing. It’s part of my journey I’m about to start.

As well as the major publishing houses, there are also a number of smaller publishers. So if the major publishing houses stopped publishing the sorts of books I write, I would try those too.

These days, self-publishing isn’t as frowned upon as it once was, especially with the rise of eBooks. With print-on-demand services, it’s no longer as expensive as it once was.  Social media also makes it easier to promote books than before social media became popular…

In many ways, I would prefer to have my books published by a major publishing house as they have a lot more contacts and influence, however smaller publishing houses and self-publishing is always an option. That saying, there are some of the pieces I am working on that I will submit to smaller publishing houses first.

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  1. I would self-publish … in fact I already have 😉 … two books!

  2. Hi Melissa, this month on my blog I am posting interviews with authors on the subject of writer’s groups and hope you will agree to be interviewed via questionnaire, which I will email to you if you agree. Much has been said and written about belonging to a writer’s group, sometimes by those who have had a negative experience through joining a group incompatible with their writing needs, or where their expectations differed to the aims of the group. Alternatively, many writers speak about positive experience of group involvement and how this has helped them develop as writers and poets. Whether authors have belonged to a group or not, all have something worthwhile to add of the subject to add to the diversity and I hope you will add your voice to the opinions expressed. The first interview can be read here http://merlenefawdry.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/interview-with-author-and-poet-rose.html
    If you agree your interview will link back top your blog and anywhere else you car to link to.

    I do hope you will participate 🙂 Merlene

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