How long do socks last?

How long do socks last?

I’m doing some editing of my Jimmy James stories. I’ve come across an interesting issue.

How long do socks last in your house before you have to throw them out?

In our house, it seems I’m constantly throwing out socks that have holes in them! Most surprisingly, my boys seem to be happy to wear them with holes, even holes so big that their toes poke through. Not just one toe, but all five toes….

To be honest, I can’t remember when I last bought socks for the boys. I’m pretty sure it was at the start of the year. I buy a big bundle of socks for each child, all in the same colour, so I don’t have to worry too much if I throw out a single sock – I still have enough to make pairs.

Since there are so many socks, I’m not sure how long they last – hence the question.

Please let me know how long socks last in your house by adding a comment.


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