Day 2 – Tennis

Anyone for Tennis?

It’s Day 2 of the Blogging Olympics, and today’s post is inspired by the Tennis.

Today’s post is to rally up 5 ace blogs and tell you about them.

I read so many great blogs, how to choose only five…. Here goes.

1. Christian Writers Downunder – This blog is a wonderful mix of writing and faith. An amazing group of Christian writers take turns sharing their journeys and their writing tips. A wonderful mix of inspiration and practical tips for writers.

2. Emma Walton Hamilton – an award winning children’s author. Emma shares tips on writing picture books. Currently she is writing a fantastic series of posts about writing a series of books for children. These have been incredibly useful to me in planning some of my stories.

3. T.L. Bodine – a blog I discovered during the Author Blog Challenge, some more great writing tips and challenges. It’s wonderful following the journey of other authors.

4. Merlene Fawdry – another blog I discovered during the Author Blog Challenge. She has some great writing tips as well as some fascinating interviews. She’s posting a series of interviews about writing groups – keep your eyes out for one by me (gulp).

5. Imagine! Create! Write! – this blog is by Becky Fyfe, creator of the Chapter Book Challenge I participated in earlier this year. Becky is a fellow pre-published author sharing her tips and journey. A great blog to read for tips and inspiration.

Phew, got there. Five great blogs about writing that I read regularly. I hope you enjoy them too.

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