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A home for my books…

Here is the second of the impossible questions posed by T.L Bodine on her blog: (I’m going from bottom to top).

Would you rather write dozens of books, trying to find the “right” one for your dream agent/publisher, or find a home for the one book you have, even if that home isn’t ideal? 

On the surface, this question is fairly easy. I write a lot of different stories, so writing dozens of books to find the “right” one for my dream agent/publisher is the obvious answer here, although thinking about it, things aren’t quite as easy.

My dream is to be a published author, and having one book published is better than having no book published… so, what would I do if one of my books found a home that wasn’t “ideal”?

I suppose the first thing to look at is what would be an ideal home for my books?

I guess the ideal home would be somewhere who shared my vision for the story I’m telling, whether it’s a picture book, chapter book, short story anthology or novel. Somewhere that would allow me to use what I know about social media and marketing as well as having contacts with bookshops and other groups to give me a head start getting my books sold.

With a less than ideal home, I suppose that would depend what they were offering. Are they a smaller press who doesn’t have a large database of bookshop contacts? Are they someone who wants to change too many things? I really don’t know. Working with an editor who will help me develop the stories so they can be the best they can be will be a huge advantage. With a smaller press, there will be more work to get the book known, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I’m not sure I’ve completely answered the question, though my first answer is probably still the same. Keep writing until my stories find their homes.

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  1. This is a great question. One of my stories accepted in an anthology was returned to me with editor mark-ups. The mark-ups in my opinion completely changed the tone of the story and my writer’s voice. After a day or so, I contacted the project organiser and asked for my story to be pulled from the anthology. The organiser replied saying as my story was one chosen, another editor would work with me – but I would only have one round of editing in stead of 2 because of time – The second round of editing kept my writing voice and my story is published in that anthology.
    It’s knowing when to run with the right home and when to question.

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