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Book fans…

My friend, T.L. Bodine, in a recent blog post, posed some impossible questions for authors. You can view her post here. I’ve been thinking about these questions today and thought they might make some good topics for blog posts as I consider them.

I thought I’d start with the question that I think is the easiest:

Would you rather have a small group of extremely devoted fans, or a wide readership of casual readers?

I write a number of different stories for a variety of audiences. Ideally, I would like a small group of extremely devoted fans. The way I look at it is that these fans would search me out at events, attend book launches and buy my books rather than just borrow them from libraries.

As well as buying the books for themselves, they would also buy books as gifts for friends and do all they can to encourage their friends to join the group of devoted fans.

When I get to the stage where I have books coming out regularly, a small group of extremely devoted fans would be the first I would contact about a new book coming out, and I could count on them to buy books from me.

Casual readers are also fantastic, however they are not the ones I can count on to buy books. They would be more likely to pick up a book while browsing shelves of the library or a bookshop, and are more likely to enter a competition to win a free book rather than parting with their hard earned cash.

These readers are also harder to reach when new books come out, and are less likely to tell everyone about the stories. Given time, however, it may be possible to turn these casual readers in to devoted fans…

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  1. Great response — I’m looking forward to seeing you work through the others, too 🙂

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