What happens to teeth?

Where to teeth go?

My kids have lost their teeth. Their teeth fall out and they can’t find them to put them in a glass for the tooth fairy. Many a letter has been written to explain to the tooth fairy what has happened in the hope they will still get money for their tooth.

Thankfully, our tooth fairy, while being forgetful, still manages to find the teeth to give the kids money for their teeth.

Currently, I’m working on my next manuscript for the 12×12 in 2012 challenge about lost teeth and thought I’d put it out there for your help.

What happens to a tooth when it’s lost and the child can’t find it to give it to the tooth fairy? Where would the tooth go?

My kids have given me some ideas, and each one is wilder than the next! They have quite an imagination…

I’m open to suggestions and ideas to help with this story, and I thought it could be fun to see what we can come up with…

If you have an idea to share, please add a comment on this post.

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  1. My kids have found that the tooth fairy always finds their teeth even when they can’t. It just takes her longer to find them when the teeth aren’t under their pillow. (My son ost his first two teeth at the same time and we think he swallowed them while having dinner, so they were never found.)

  2. Love the idea. I would think there are a group of fairies assigned the task of finding missing teeth!

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