Starting a web serial?

Not this sort of cereal…

Last year, I started a blog called Accidental WAHM. The original idea was to write a fictional story about a work at home Mum (WAHM), or a few stories about WAHMs, and invite comments from readers about what direction the story could go next.

Each story would also have some fact sheets or tips attached to them to help WAHMs with their businesses.

This didn’t start off the way I originally wanted it to, however, the blog did get a following with nearly 300 likes on the Facebook page!

I’ve been toying with revisiting this idea. The site needs a redesign, but before this happens I need to know the direction the blog is going to take, so the template can reflect the blog itself.

Part of my dilemma has been about publishing stories on the web vs traditional publishing. Then again, 50 Shades of Grey started out as a web serial…

So far, on the Accidental WAHM blog I have created stories for 13 different work at home parents (there is one Dad in the mix), and I know that different readers have their favourites.

As well as the stories themselves, I’m also trying to work out how best to put the stories out there. Do I concentrate on a single WAHM for, say, a school term (10 weeks), or do I mix it up a bit so there are multiple stories running at once? Also, how often do I post an update.

To help me decide, I thought I’d open it up to all of you to give me your thoughts on this. Would this work? Would you be interested in reading these stories? Would a single story at a time be best or would you be more interested in hearing about more than one character at a time…? Please add your comments and suggestions below.

(This follows on from the Day 15 Challenge)

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  1. Hi Melissa, sounds like a great idea. My thoughts are that sometimes less is better. It can be more manageable and easier to navigate for your readers. Less also invites more reader interaction 🙂

  2. I would have to say it depends. Are you planning to eventually publish a full-blown book or are you just wanting it to stay on the web forever and gain a fan base by doing it? With the way you said the FB page and prior blog took off, I’d say you have a cracker-jack of an idea. Putting it into action is the easy part 😉

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