Day 14: Brand

Day 14: Brand

It’s Day 14 of the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers challenge. Today’s challenge is all about branding. You can read the whole challenge here.

Name: The first part of the challenge is to choose a name. I’m still trying to work out what name to publish under, I blogged about it a while ago here.

While I’m deciding, I registered the domain (this one) and changed my Facebook page to “Melissa Writers“.

I figured this was a good way for people to get to know me and what I do while I’m working out which name to use when I’m published.

Image: The second part of this challenge is to choose an image and for that image to be everywhere. I need to get some new photos taken that I can use on Facebook, Twitter and here, currently there are two different photos I’m using.

I’ve also sent a request to my amazing designer for a cover image for Facebook that matches this blog, to help with branding.

Voice: The third part of this challenge to to find your voice. The way I write on this blog is the way I write generally. I aim to be open and friendly and to share what is in my head.

It’s funny, branding was something I thought I had left behind when I stopped being in business, however I was mistaken…

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