Day 13: Publish

Day 13: Publish

It’s Day 13 of the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers challenge. Today’s challenge is to publish something. You can read the whole challenge here.

Right now, there is only one manuscript that is ready to submit to publishers. That one went off to the Kids’ Book Review Unpublished Manuscript Award. When I hear the results, then this manuscript will be flying away to publishers.

It’s pretty scary to think of sending off my manuscripts, a bit like sending your kids off to school for the first time… they are off in the Big Wild World with other people looking after them. With my stories, it’s also the whole feeling that other people are reading these manuscripts I’ve been working on for so long, and deciding their fate. It’s a completely different feeling to sending them off to editors, though that is scary in itself.

I’m also facing a dilemma with my Accidental WAHM stories about whether or not to publish them on the web or not…

I’m not sure I’ve completely met this challenge. I’m much closer to being published than I was even a few weeks ago.

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  1. Good luck with getting published, it sounds like you are well on the way!

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