Day 10: Share

Day 10: Share

It’s Day 10 of the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers. You can read today’s challenge here.

For me, the best part of this challenge is it’s a habit I already have!

I often purchase and read books by my writer friends and promote them at any opportunity. I’ve been wondering about starting to put some reviews of the books I’m reading on this blog…

Some of the ways I promote the work of others are:

  • Keep my eye on my Facebook feed – I often have friends who post they are looking for good books to read. I was even able to recommend a book to my local library after responding to a post on their page.
  • Blog comments – some of the blogs I read post “what are your favourite books” type questions. Generally these will have a theme, so I get in and post a comment with some of my favourite books, especially those by writers I know.
  • Gifts – for Christmas and other gift giving occasions, I go through my friends list and purchase their books to give away.

It’s helpful if these books and authors have Facebook pages I can tag when giving recommendations on Facebook, and websites to include in blog comments.

This is a habit I picked up while in business. I would keep an eye out of any opportunity to promote a business mum, now I do the same with authors.

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  1. Great ideas – I need to start developing some habits like this. I am now doing author interviews and reviews on my blog, with links to other sites. Trying to get into the habit!

  2. Blogging isn’t always easy – so much to read so little time 🙂

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