Day 4: Practice

Day 4: Practice

It’s day 4 of the Mastering the Habits of Great Writers, and the challenge today is Practice.

The challenge is to share what practice looks like to me, and to practice in public.

Right now, this blog is my platform for practising in public. I haven’t done much lately, but I do post snippets of pieces I’m working on here, especially pieces from different writing workshops I participate in.

The other place I publish my writing is on the Accidental WAHM blog. It’s been a bit quiet there lately as I’ve been working on a couple of things behind the scenes, and I’m trying to decide whether to publish them on the blog or contact a WAHM site to see if they are interested in a series of stories about one of the WAHMs…. (if you have a favourite WAHM site that may be interested, please send them my way).

With this challenge – I’m going to publish more writing on my blogs and be more pro-active about sharing my work publicly.

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